“Seawild” inspiration

Seawild is a brand inspired by the wild universe of islands and nature, which offers swimsuits as well as a collection of “loungewear” outfits. The preservation of the beauty and purity of nature is important to us and that is why our manufacturing method is local and the Italian fabrics used are made from recycled products.

Eco friendly

By choosing these fabrics, we are joining the ecological world because they’re shaped by the regeneration of nylon thread (Econyl®).

We know that 8 million tonnes of wasted waste spread through our seas every day. This is why Seawild is committed to producing in an ecological way that goes in the right direction of coexistence with nature and advocates respect for the environment. The entire line of production is made in France which limits the Co2 impact on the environment and contributes to a fare trade.

By using Seawild products you also contribute to the preservation of the oceans and respect for fair production conditions.